St. Faustina Catholic Church, Fulshear

Meet Lara …

Lara Hannaford, Practicum Student

Site Supervisor: Dr. Larry Freeney, PhD, LPC | Clinical Mentor: Dr. Lea Fauster, PhD, LMFT-S

Lara Hannaford is a graduate student at Houston Christian University pursuing a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Houston. Lara has a passion for helping others discover their inner strength and God-given abilities with the hope that it brings them closer to God and His purpose for their lives. By pursuing a counseling degree, she is taking the next step towards helping families grow and flourish both as family units and as individuals.

Lara was confirmed in the Catholic Church in 2020. After many years of searching, her heart felt at home in the Church where she was baptized as a baby. She now takes joy in living out her baptismal call to grow in holiness and serve Christ and His Church. She volunteers at Catholic Charities and at Holy Rosary Church.

Lara lived in Holland for 10 years and traveled widely to experience a myriad of cultures. She speaks English and Dutch and is currently learning Spanish to reach a larger population and help more people. Beyond travel, Lara spends her free time cooking, gardening, crafting, making jewelry, patronizing the arts, and reading.