Divorce and Separation

When a couple gets married they never planned to get divorced too. Divorce and separation from a loved one are terribly painful and challenging. It can feel like your whole world came crashing down. We understand the difficulties that can come from divorce and separation—grief, fears, legal battles, child custody issues, anger, depression, anxiety, financial difficulties, shame, guilt loneliness, and more. When divorce is caused by an extramarital affair or some other form of deception and lies these feelings even more complex.

During a divorce or separation, or after one, it is necessary to sort through and find healing from the complexity of beliefs and emotions that are affecting you. It’s also important to have a support system and others that you can lean on to help you through this time.

As professional counselors and as marriage and family therapists we can give you some of the essential support you need to overcome the many challenges that arise from divorce and separation. And we can help you look to the future once again.


We can work with you and support you through the challenges of divorce or separation.