It doesn’t have to feel like you’re raising Cain and Abel


Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry has been going on since Cain and Abel had their first fight, and unfortunately it still carries on today. There are many reasons why siblings don’t get along, and it’s important to note that some extent of quarreling will occur among children in every family. But when quarreling becomes excessive and continuous then a real sense of sibling rivalry may take root.

When sibling rivalry grows out of control it can cause a lot of stress within a family and become a source of discouragement for parents. It may even be harmful to the children. Some examples of causes for conflict include trying to get attention from parents, jealousy, differences in personality and character, impatience with the other’s limitations, and age differences. Blended families, resulting from a remarriage, will often experience conflicts between the children.

Putting an end to sibling rivalry requires new techniques and insights for parenting your children, adolescents, and teens. As family counselors we can help you make sense of what’s causing the conflict in your family and then help you address it in new ways.


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